You are graded on speed

When taking an exam, it’s not enough just to get the right answer. You have to get there within the time allotted.

You are graded on speed.

Every second of every day is a resource that you can’t get back – and in the meantime the world is changing around you, making your previous progress and learning just a little bit more obsolete. If you’re aiming to get somewhere, don’t dawdle. Buckle down and get there.

You are graded on speed.

A thousand years of theory can be and has been invalidated by a simple experiment. Unlike thought, reality answers questions in an instant. You don’t get points for cleverness or beauty in your theories if they don’t survive contact with the real world. Don’t worry about looking foolish – put your theories to the test and discard the ones that don’t hold up.

You are graded on speed.

Building a company is so much more than having a great idea. Every day burns up cash runway, risks someone else surpassing you, wears away the morale of your team. Dedication and fervor aren’t enough. Brilliance isn’t enough. They might get you there eventually, but what matters is results today, no matter what it takes.

You are graded on speed.

This essay contains 1305 characters, or over six thousand bits of information. I may not be communicating as clearly as possible, but still, six thousand bits. That’s enough information to pinpoint a specific location on Earth to a precision of less than the width of a human hair. There’s plenty of depth to the words already on the page – do you really need another example to get the idea?

You are graded on speed.

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