My name is Mike Pappas.

Welcome to my blog. I’m Mike Pappas, the CEO and co-founder of Modulate. I’m also a runner, a gamer, an amateur bartender, a writer, a philosopher, and a variety of other things which I’ll also occasionally write about.

I’m writing this blog as a journal of sorts. Both in running a startup and elsewhere in life, I’m learning new things every day. Sometimes those lessons are deep and valuable; other times menial but effective; and still other times, they are simply imperfect improvements to frameworks or strategies which it may take a lifetime to perfect.

Nothing I write here is meant to be asserted as truth – hence the standard disclaimer alongside every post. These are merely the things I’m thinking and discovering, documented out of the hope that they may help me to grow faster – and might be of use to some of you too.

All opinions and comments are mine and mine alone – nothing on this blog should be taken as a position of Modulate.