The limits of the ‘rational’ founder

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a strong preference for explicit, formal logic over vague intuition or tradition. The mantra is fairly simple. If you can't explain something clearly and logically, you don't truly understand it. It you don't understand it, you can't make accurate predictions about the real world using it. And … Continue reading The limits of the ‘rational’ founder

How to write company policies

Imagine a world where companies had no employees, but instead utilized only ideal programmable robots. If you wanted these robots to, say, interact with each other in an optimal way, you would write formal policies - also known as code. That code would have to outline every single possible situation the robots might find themselves … Continue reading How to write company policies

A Businessperson’s Guide To Information

I've written quite a bit recently on communication, and in particular on how to help someone understand the idea you're trying to convey. This is an incredibly valuable skill to develop, but we should note that it's not the only skill tied to "communication" - for instance, being able to communicate concisely is it's own … Continue reading A Businessperson’s Guide To Information