Multiple Pages on Writing Concisely

I’m an overly precise person. Like, an extremely precise person, by which I mean I’m obsessed with clarity and precision, more so than that I’m uniquely good at making myself understood. This obsession with precision often requires I sacrifice conciseness – it’s extremely difficult to gain the requisite confidence that I’ve really, truly explained an … Continue reading Multiple Pages on Writing Concisely

Communication Is A Team Sport

In my last post, I talked about communication within an organization. Towards the end, I alluded to a few ideas about a similar, but distinct topic - communication for individuals. Designing communication tools - whether levers, shared vocabulary, or merely a culture of investigation - as an organization requires one look at generic approaches. All … Continue reading Communication Is A Team Sport

Intro to Communication for Organizations

Or, Some Words About Words Arguably the single most important skill for any organization is effective communication. After all, communication is the bridge between individual actors; the mortar enabling that infamous business saying about a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts. But what, exactly, is communication? To be technically precise, the act … Continue reading Intro to Communication for Organizations

The No Free Money Theorem and Entrepreneurship

There’s something of a folk theorem in economics that goes as follows: if you discover a $100 bill on the sidewalk, ignore it, because if it was real someone would have already picked it up. Formally, it's really a reformulation of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, but when expressed in this form I like to think … Continue reading The No Free Money Theorem and Entrepreneurship

Plausible vs Probable

Making predictions is fun. It satisfies something deep for many people to speculate about the significance of certain actions, the hidden goals and values of different people, and often, the future itself. Usually, these predictions are plausible - after all, making completely wild and indefensible predictions is usually a pretty boring activity. The thrill of … Continue reading Plausible vs Probable

A Series of Short Observations: Communication Style

I'm doing things a bit differently this week - I don't have something to write a full post about, but have a couple things I've noticed recently around communication styles and practices. So I thought it might be interesting to aggregate those into a single post. Curious to hear if anyone finds this sort of … Continue reading A Series of Short Observations: Communication Style