Remember Who You’re Public-Speaking To

I’ve had the good fortune recently to attend, and give, several industry talks around AI, startups, synthetic media and ethics, and a few other topics. In doing so, I’ve born witness to some truly great speakers…and some completely awful talks. So today, I want to dive into some of my thinking about public speaking, and … Continue reading Remember Who You’re Public-Speaking To

Why The Best Feedback Is Often Wrong

Feedback is a complex topic. Everyone thinks they understand what it means to give feedback, but when you boil it down there are often wildly different understandings of what feedback is and why it's valuable. I have a lot of thoughts about how to facilitate effective feedback (thresholds, vocabulary, and integrity - I'll talk about … Continue reading Why The Best Feedback Is Often Wrong

Early Advice 7: Shape Culture Proactively

In school, I studied physics and applied mathematics. I spent a long time thinking about formula and systems, analyzing data, and generally trying to quantify anything in sight. Generally speaking, I bring that attitude into how I think about leading a company. Metrics are important, both to discover strengths and weaknesses, and to communicate the … Continue reading Early Advice 7: Shape Culture Proactively